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About Us

"We are an emerging IC design and service company"

Helping customers drive higher levels of growth, profitability and satisfaction through innovative and unique soultions. Our Management team is group of Highly Motivated Individuals worked as Engineers in the service industry for more than 50 combined years and we exactly know what it takes to satisfy customers on the ground level. This is the driving force for all our engineers. Our passion is to deliver Innovation in the wide areas of IC Design. Our Price ends where our competetor's starts without compromising in quality we deliver. This is just one of USP we have to offer. Flexible Engagement models, extended support from our team and End to End services are icing on the cake.

  • 1 Design.

  • 2 Check.

  • 3 Deliver.

Our Services

Services for affordable growth

Analog/Mixed Signal Circuit and Layout Design

Data Converters (ADC, DAC) Power Management Chips. Off-chip Drivers and Receivers (LVDS/HSTL/SSTL) Voltage Regulators. Phase Locked Loops. 15G, 30G and 56G SerDes. Processes from 400nm BCD to 14nm FinFet. Process Migration across foundries and technologies.

Library development(Std cells, I/O and memories)

Standard cell libraries for leading foundries with 28nm, 20nm and 14LPP nodes. Standard Cell Characterization. Memory compilers and Register Files. I/O library circuit and layout design.

AMS Verification and Modeling

Circuit Simulation and Mixed-Signal Verification. AMS verificqation for SERDES circuits starting from developing verilogams codes for complex SERDES circuits and verifying the functionality. Chip level AMS delivery for customer

Digital Ic Design

Logic Design and verification DFT Design and Verification SoC/ASIC Chip Implementation FPGA Prototyping Low Volume Manufacturing support Foundry, Packaging, Testing.

Embedded System

Board Design PCB Assembly & Testing at System Level BIOS, Assembly level programming etc. Firmware and Device Drivers. Boot loader & BSP (Board Support package)Development. Kernel/Android expertise. System QA/Validation Network LAB.


IDE development based on Eclipse etc Application Development - Linux, Android. Protocol Stacks. Storage: Software development & Testing services for SAN, ipSAN, RAID, Backup and storage virtualization. Networking: Ethernet, WLAN 802.11x Multimedia: Audio/Video Codecs Mobile:2G, 3G, LTE.

Business Engagement Model

" We work on varieties of existing proven models yet always have tendeny to switch to customer's preferred engagement model. "

Contract Staffing


Turn key Project.

AD-HOC Consulting

Discrete model


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Analog Design for one of the followings

high speed SerDes Design.

I/O circuit.

Automotive and Power management circuit design.

Analog/RF/memory/Library Layout

4 to 8 years experience.

Excellent knowledge of FinFet technologies.

Digital verification

SOC/IP verification with 4-8 years experience.

AMBA,DDR,USB,PCIE,CPU,MCU,GPU & PHY with skills set of SV & industry Methodology OVM/UVM.

Physical Design

4+ years of experience in large VLSI physical design implementation on 40nm, 28nm or 20nm technology

Successful track record of delivering designs to production is a must

Should be a power user of P&R and timing analysis CAD tools from Synopsys (ICC/DC/PT/STAR-RC).

DFT Design

BSEE required, MSEE preferred.

4 to 5 years of experience in DFT / design field.

Strong logic Design and verification back ground with experience in STA.

Must possess a strong knowledge of DFT including scan, BIST, on-chip scan compression, fault models, ATPG, and fault simulation.

Programming in Perl, tcl and c++ is a plus.

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